Cape Verde licensing and tips (from my trip of November 2013)

  • If you enter CV from a country that has an embassy, you need to get a visa in advance. UK does not have an embassy but I entered from Portugal (which does have an embassy), therefore I had to get the visa in advance. I got it from the CV Consul in London.
  • D4/home-call is not a legal call-sign. Cape Verde is not signed up to CEPT TR/61-01 therefore that call-sign would not be legitimate. You need to purchase a local license.
  • Getting the license proved to be a little tricky, however I got there in the end. It took about 4 weeks of emails and phone calls in all. I used Skype to make the phone-calls, quality was excellent.
  • A lady called Marise Lima issued the license. Her email address is <> and phone number is +238 260 44 00. Although I got by with English, I’ve since been told that if you do your emails in Portuguese (use Google Translate) it helps things along a bit better.
  • To get the license, you need to provide copies (via email) of your passport and home license.
  • I understand that there is now a fee for the license of 1000 CV Escudos. You can pay this into a local bank account on arrival.