This was very much a ‘holiday style’ radio trip to Corsica in June 2106. I threw the battery powered K2, battery charger, some coax and a dipole into the suitcase in the hope of making a few QSOs from ‘TK’ land (the prefix for Corsica).

This was a package-holiday: my wife Janet and I stayed at the San Lucianu Resort on the east coast of the island; much of our time was spent windsurfing, playing tennis, cycling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming – we like to be active!

Fortunately, we were staying in a room facing the sea and on the top floor of the three storey hotel block and I was able to easily gain access to the roof and string my dipole up. The K2 has an in-built antenna-tuner and I used that to tune from 30m to 10m, probably with some inefficiency in the antenna but it seemed to get out OK with the 12 watts or so – Gary ZL2iFB was my furthest contact (on 30m).

Behind the resort and not far away, mountains blocked much of the radio path from the north, through west, to the south – to my surprise I did make a couple of contacts back to the UK, despite the obvious high angle of radiation that must have been used..

Operating Call-Sign: TK/G4IRN

Hotel Location: 42.3626N 9.53266E (QRA is JN42SI)