Purpose of program:

SkimmerControl controls two external objects

1) The Velman K8055 USB to digital output card – used to select an antenna or band pass filter switch.

2) CW Skimmer  – SkimmerControl issues band change commands on a timed, ’round robin’ basis.

Prerequisites for program to run:

1) The k8055 DLL file must be installed for SkimmerControl to control the external USB card. It can be found here: http://g4irn.com/downloads/K8055D.dll. (I think it needs to go in the windows/system32 folder).

2) The K8055N / VM110N USB Interface Board must be connected if band switching is required.

3) CW Skimmer must be running. The Telnet Server must be enabled, as must “Allow Skimmer Commands” in the set-up.


The SkimmerControl program can be found here: http://g4irn.com/downloads/g4irn SkimControl v08b.exe

Copy the .exe file to your PC. It is ‘stand-alone’ and can be executed from File Manager (or create a short-cut).

It has been tried on W7 and W8.


Set the Telnet connection details to match the CW Skimmer Telnet Server.

Press the CONNECT TO USB CARD option.

Either manually select bands, or select AUTO mode and the scan types to create custom schedules.



16 March 2014.