During a multi-transmitter contest effort, it is necessary to pass multipliers between stations. I was never a fan of Win-Test’s inbuild mult-passing function – this script takes the hassle out of sending ‘PSE QSY to 14.055’ (or whatever) and then gabbing the target station with the information – it automates it for you.


——This version propmpts for the QSY band (Enter 1 for 160m… 6 for 10m but you can set a default).
——Obtains the best frequency to pass to depending on mode.
——In CW mode, transmits a QSY message to the needed mult.
——Sends a gab to the target QSY station containing the call-sign of the passed mult (WT version 4.11 and above is needed for this to be fully automated. Versions below 4.11 prompt the user for the call-sign to be passed).


–Download the script from here: QSY.wts

— Copy the script file into the Win-Test SCRIPTS directory. The SCRIPTS directory can be found from the Explore option within Win-Test:  Select File | Explore | /scripts directory and copy this file into it.

— In Win-Test, navigate to the Tools | Scripts Manager menu.

— You will see this script file, highlight it and press Properties…

— Hit the ‘Define…’ button.

— Press the key stroke you wish to use to invoke the script (Ctrl-Q works for me).

— Press OK and then OK again.

— When you’re back at the logging line in Win-Test, press Ctrl-Q to invoke the script.

— The value called  ‘PassBandInteger’ can be changed to reflect the default pass-band.

 Known Errors


* Immediately after a band change, it takes a few seconds until the frequency is available to this script.

John Warburton G4IRN.