Synopsis: Always work dupes in a contest ! You are foolish not to.

Win-Test and DX Log users: Take out the $QSOB4 macros from your messages.


I really dislike the fact that some contest logging software has the ‘QSO B4’ message as a default message. DX Log and Win-Test are the two, in particular, that I am thinking of.

It is usually quicker to work a station for a second time than it is to send the ‘QSO B4’ message, then have them come back and explain that you are not in their log and that they want to work you again. Plus, if you are not already in the other guy’s log then you are possibly losing out on valuable points.

Here is a real story by a VP8 (Falklands) station of why ‘dupes’ should always be worked, taken from the Chiltern DX Club (CDXC) email reflector. I have changed the text slightly to make it more readable:


I have been doing some S&P on 10m in the RTTY CQ WW  test. I replied to a PJ5/OL8R calling CQ but in the middle of his response I was called by others listening on the frequency. I didn’t complete the QSO.

An hour or so later he’s calling CQ again. I give him a call and the response is QSO B4……..

Unfortunately it looks like he is single band so won’t get another chance. So the PJ5 station has lost a multiplier simply by refusing to work (what he thought was) a dupe.